Dental Tips You MUST Be Aware of!

Alice Barnes, author of the brand new and revolutionary ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program, shares with us several shocking truths about oral hygiene, which I’m sure you’ve never even heard of.

First off, do NOT brush your teeth after consuming any acidic or sugary food products; doing so will damage your enamel, causing it to erode and increasing the likelihood of cavities. After consuming acidic or sugary food products, your enamel becomes weak and soft due to demineralization; when you brush your teeth at its current state, you’re thinning and wearing off the enamel.

Secondly, you should brush your teeth softly with your toothbrush. Most people aren’t aware that when they are doing it aggressively, it’s wearing off their enamel, and also, causing their gums to recede. You should only use light, gentle brushing motion, taking care over each tooth. Lastly, you should only get the softer bristled brushes. The softer, the better.

Thirdly, avoid using teeth-whitening or ‘stain removal’ toothpaste daily. These products contain bleach and other chemicals, which are simply too abrasive for everyday use. Most individuals make the mistake of purchasing these products and using them as an everyday-use toothpaste. Extended use will severely damage your teeth’s enamel and cause teeth sensitivity. So if you have sensitive teeth, you might want to avoid any teeth-whitening or stain-removal formula toothpaste.

Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally

The fourth piece of advice Alice has given to our reader is do not use baking soda in any case on your teeth. Baking soda is very, very abrasive and can weaken and damage your teeth’s enamel. Baking soda may seem harmless and just soapy to touch, but when you apply it on your teeth and brush it, it’s akin to grinding your teeth against sandpaper!

Do you have amalgam-based fillings? If yes, you should be aware of the potential hazards. Amalgam-based fillings contain mercury, which is highly toxic to living beings. You should get them checked to make sure there’s no leakage or whatsoever. Being exposed to faulty amalgam-based fillings can leave you feeling lethargic, with a weakened immune system, and many other unwanted health side-effects. Most countries have banned the use of amalgam-based fillings due to its dangerous toxicity.

Now you may be wondering why some dentists are still using them, despite the increasingly widely-known dangers. The answer: it is a cheaper material and it is easier to fill it into drilled teeth. So avoid amalgam-based fillings. If you already have one, check to see if it has any leakages.

Do not be fooled by “recommended by dentists!” labels being advertised or printed on dental products. None of these are actually any more beneficial than the average dental products that you can purchase at your supermarket, yet are sold with a huge markup on price.

Alice Barnes exposes many other facts about dental care products in her revelatory work. She also reveals a list of harmful ingredients that can cause oral cancer, and promote cavities and gum diseases. You will also learn numerous other interesting tips and knowledge to improve your oral health.

Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally

The ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program also teaches you everything about repairing your teeth cavities and gum diseases naturally with Alice’s highly effective protocol; how to eliminate plaque buildup naturally and effectively; and how you can get those shiny pearly-white teeth you’ve always wanted.

You will be armed with all the necessary knowledge to maintain the best oral health. Never again will you ever be dependent on your dentist. Imagine the thousands of dollars you will save from dental bills for you and your family! And most importantly, you don’t have to suffer from the uncomfortable, drilling pain ever again!

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