How Acidity Food Affects Your Oral Heath?

Most people assume that teeth cavities just occur out of the blue and there’s nothing they can do about it. What they don’t seem to know is that tooth decay is similar to a bacterial infection. We’ve all heard of the strep throat infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. The main bacterium responsible for tooth decay is Streptococcus Mutans.

It is widely believed that this bacterium utilizes sugar as a source of energy to reproduce rapidly and release acid as a byproduct. This acid is harmful to teeth’s enamel – the protective layer of the tooth. Repeated long exposure to these acid attacks will weaken the enamel, and thus, result in tooth decaying. This process is known as demineralization.

Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally

Demineralization occurs at pH levels lower than 5.5 from a scale of 14. If you recall your chemistry class, pH levels lower than 7 are acidic and pH levels higher than 7 are alkaline. It is found that when sugar is introduced, cavity-causing bacteria can utilize it and bring the saliva to very acidic levels in as little as 30 minutes.

During demineralization, crucial molecules are drawn out of the enamel, thus weakening its structure. Have you seen the experiment when you soak an egg in coca cola? The shell disintegrates until the inside explodes into the coke. A similar process occurs as teeth are weakened by acid.

Alice Barnes, author of the ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program shares with us that sugar isn’t just the sole cause of demineralization. “Certain foods like lemon and limes, which are acidic in nature, can cause rapid demineralization of the enamel,” she explains.

“Does this mean we should avoid consuming acid food forever? No!”

“You just simply have to counter it. And that’s what most people aren’t aware of! Dentists will never share this with their patients because that will just affect their business. I mean, think of it, if you’re a dentist and you know people can reverse their cavities naturally, would you want the public to know? Course not! Especially when you’ve spent so much time and money getting a Degree in dentistry.”

Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally

Alice also warns, “Antibiotics do NOT eradicate cavity-causing bacteria. There are many colonies of cavity-causing bacteria residing in your mouth. It is nigh on impossible to eradicate them all, especially when they can colonize inside poorly-fitted dental crowns, implants or pockets of the teeth. Most importantly, antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your body. And bacteria can build resistance over time to your antibiotics. They simply cease to be as effective. What’s worse is that when you really need antibiotics in future, they won’t be as effective due to resistance.”

We asked Alice if she can share some advice with us for our readers.

“Certainly. If I could dispense one piece of advice to your readers… that will be to monitor your home water supply’s pH levels. Technically, water should be pH-neutral. However, if you’re drawing water from well-sources, the pH can be acidic in some cases. I suggest investing in a pH meter to test your home’s water supply. If it is alkaline, you have nothing to worry about. But if it’s acidic, then you gotta do something about it.”

It is a worthy investment to purchase a copy of the ‘Dentist Be Damned’ program. Alice Barnes has documented her years of research in her book explaining everything you need to know. This revolutionary program is every dentist’s nightmare. Not only will you learn how to remineralize your teeth naturally you will also learn how to reverse teeth cavities naturally and cure any existing gum diseases. Well worth the price, this remedial book is a must for anyone who wishes to be independent from dentists forever.

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